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"It's been a fabulous experience working with Rahul.
Extremely professional and straightforward to work with. Constantly motivates and gets the job done.
Easy to communicate and as always super creative".
Bollywood Playback Singer
We Have been Blessed to have the most beautiful experience with the Team for Period of 1 Year now.
"Rahul and Tripti" have been really at ease to communicate ideas and they put it in reality with the best & great one's in designing creatives. It has Definitely helped us in creating a great presence over social media.
Jisha Nair
Principal, Founder & Passionate Educator - Tulips Academy
Rahul and Tripti Bajaj of Ktizo Productions have done a superlative job in helping me in every aspect of my Web presence.They guided me every step of the way in designing a professional Website with all the features that make it very contemporary.They helped me with my Video Editing which was quite extensive given my lack of public speaking skills ! Explained to me the whole new world of Digital Promotion and put my website up there among the best, in all the popular platforms. They accomplished all this in record time and even negotiated a very good after-sales service contract . We have established a great working relationship and I am sure I will need their services in the future. They are professional in their approach and deliver a very good product within the deadline. I would even go so far as to say that they will exceed your expectations.
Joshua Christian
Motivational Speaker & Counselor - discoveringmydestiny.com